Jeepers Creepers, it’s Virginia!

Some gorgeous country in  Virginia. It’s lush and green and thoroughly enjoyable riding. We crossed into Virginia on Saturday at the Breaks Interstate Park, one of only two parks in the country shared by two states. They offered up a little Appalachian bluegrass entertainment too.

Bluegrass concert
Bluegrass concert at the Breaks Interstate Park

But I was not able to make it out of Kentucky unscathed.  Last week I mentioned the dogs in Kentucky? Well, I was so close!  Riding through Combs, in rural Eastern Kentucky, I was chased on both sides by dogs.

Damn dog
Dog got me!

I yelled and pedalled harder, but they were faster than me and “Buster” took a chomp of my left calf. My muscles immediately tensed. Youch, that hurt. Medical clinics were not open all weekend and I  didn’t get to a hospital until Tuesday, in Wytheville, Virginia. I spent the morning there, and ended up with five shots — one for tetanus and four for rabies. I’ll also need three more rabies booster shots over the next two weeks.

We arrived at Damascus, Virginia on Sunday. This is where the Virginia Creeper bike trail begins. It is a beautiful trail. The creepers actually “clothe” the trunks of the trees. With the sounds of the Holston River running alongside it and the birds singing, I feel like I’m in a Disney movie.

This is also where the Appalachian Trail crosses through. This trail is almost 2200 miles long. Beginning in Georgia, it goes through 14 states — all the way to Boston. This might be another adventure for the bucket list!

People I’ve Met

There are still TransAmer’s heading west. They all warn be about the “big hills” up ahead. I think to myself, you folks don’t know hills like I do! There’s Dan from Baltimore, Austin from Denver, Giancarlo from San Antonio and Gunnar and Julia, a lovely couple from Oslo, Norway, who are journalists doing this ride as an assignment from their paper in Oslo.

Baltimore Dan
Dan from Baltimore








Giancarlo from San Antonio, riding from Montreal


Gunnar and Julia
Gunnar and Julia from Oslo, Norway. A summer in America
Austin and his girlfriend Stephanie from Denver waited three days for this tire to arrive.

This morning I checked in to the library in Radford to participate in a conference call from work but the audio wouldn’t work for me. Maybe it was a sign I am meant to keep riding.

And so I will! Just one week to the Atlantic Coast! I am looking forward to riding the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia, and then coasting down to Yorktown and the end of my big adventure.

Cheers to all of you. Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

Til next week,







4 thoughts on “Jeepers Creepers, it’s Virginia!

  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure. The dog bite looks nasty but on a positive note, your legs look pretty darn fit!!


  2. Evie is jealous you’re on the Blue Ridge Parkway. She saw part of it in North Carolina and wants you to go to Asheville. According to her, it’s “da bomb”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was in Asheville 6 years ago. Only regret was ididnt have my mountain bike with me! I cycled the NC portion of the Blu Ridge Parkway. Nice to do the Virginia portion as well! Tell Evie I’d do it again — anytime!


      1. Actually, I was thinking about you, Colleen as I understand most of the dogs in Kentucky are bred for hunting. I just wish they’d stick to hunting ‘coons, not cyclists!


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