No Turning Back!

I’m coming back . . . really!

So, today was my last day at work. My colleagues organized a little send-off for me, and presented me with a SpotTracker so they can keep track of my ride and make sure I’m safe. I have the best colleagues in the world! Thank you so much. You guys are awesome.

I have been playing with my new GoPro as well, and recorded my last ride in to work, just to be sure I know how the technology works.

The plan is to head out tomorrow morning early and make it to Spokane by nightfall. Good-bye Golder. Good-bye Calgary. No turning back now!

14 thoughts on “No Turning Back!

    1. Thanks, Kyla. Day One is done, and we haven’t lost or broken or forgotten anything. All’s well so far. Please keep in touch. We want to know how you guys are doing. Can you send me your address? Grandma wants to send you some postcards along the way.


    1. Thanks so much Greg. We are in Spokane tonight. Gorgeous drive and now a rainy night watching movies. I hope you get my Spot Tracker notifications starting Monday. Have an excellent weekend. Say hi to Laura.


  1. WOW! That is some commute! Cycling across the USA will be a breeze in comparison. And at the speed you were going in that video you should be finished by July 10. Looking forward to following along. All the best to you and Myrna! xo


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